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IGLA — cutting edge car security system:

— Patented technology of digital blocking via CAN and LIN buses with no analog connections.
— Unique firmware for every car model.
— No car thefts over 12 years with our system installed.
Advanced Technology
Very small in size, so you can hide it anywhere inside the car. It does not emit any GPS signals, which makes it difficult to detect. It does not consume much energy, thus not draining the car's battery. It gets connected with only 4 cables (positive, negative, and 2 CAN cables). You can also reflash IGLA's firmware to install it in other cars.

Since 2012, the CAN bus technology has been largely used on the car security market. This has substantially changed the way of electronic communication within the car's system. Basically, the car uses CAN cables to transmit information to all car modules. Thus, IGLA enters these cables and informs the car of any theft attempts.
Enhanced security
  • Get authorized via smartphone, keyfob, or the car's standard buttons.
  • Lock the engine and automatic gearbox without breaking the electrical circuit.
  • Safe for engine (installed without cutting standard wiring). Car warranty retained.
  • Anti-carjacking mode with safe low-speed engine shut-off.
  • Handy service mode: temporary deactivation of safety functions when taking your car to maintenance or diagnostics.
  • Device does not show itself until PIN is entered.
  • No subscription fees or additional payments.
  • Keyfobs work 3 times longer on a single battery.
Explore IGLA. This anti-theft system works both for large car dealerships, which generate more revenue from anti-theft systems, and for small installation centers.