KVANT is a versatile reliable immobilizer to protect your car against theft.

It helps you protect your car against theft. Protection is carried out via a built-in relay. At any attempt to start driving without authorization, it will block the engine.

Three ways to disarm.
Authorization is via a PIN code entered with an additional connected button, a tiny Bluetooth keyfob, or smartphone.
Indication of system operation is via a buzzer included in the set.

● No subscription or any extra payments.
● Easy to install and no interference with the standard wiring.
● Tiny size — easy to install, difficult to find.
● Authorization is via a Bluetooth keyfob, smartphone, or standard buttons.
● Handy service mode — temporarily disables security features when you take your car to maintenance.
● It controls an additional electromechanical hood lock.

*Functionality depends on the product version, as well as the car's make, model, and equipment.

Prices very depending on your vehicle, an installer makes a choice of the right product basing on the car you have