TS 100

TS 100


The device is designed for car professionals who repair and install standard or optional electronic equipment with the onboard voltage of 12 and 24 V.

It combines a lot of special algorithms that facilitate the search and analysis of electrical circuits and signals. This all makes it a great tool not only for car professionals but also for car owners who try to carry out repairs or re-equipment by themselves.

Features and benefits
  • Compact, ergonomic and durable plastic housing.
  • Bright monochrome OLED display.
  • Sound and light indication.
  • Three multi-function buttons — for easy and convenient operation with one hand.
  •  Removable probe
  • Built-in battery rechargeable via microUSB, coupled with a charge level indication. The battery capacity is 350 mAh.
  • Firmware update and configuration via microUSB.
  • Power consumption being 0mA when off.
  • Flashlight feature with a lot of settings.
  • Left Hand feature.
  • Memory feature
  • Settings menu.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Automatic shutdown.

Prices very depending on your vehicle, an installer makes a choice of the right product basing on the car you have
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