The TS 100 v.2 digital multimeter has all the necessary functionality to facilitate the search and analysis of electrical circuits and signals. This makes it a mandatory tool for professionals who install security systems, as well as for car owners who independently carry out repairs and re-equipment of their cars.

Operating modes
TS 100 v.2 is equipped with the following modes:

The mode helps you measure the voltage of electrical circuits in the range from 0.1V to 30V.
Besides, it can measure the voltage of electrical circuits with the load of 1kΩ or 50Ω.
It helps you analyze amplitude and time parameters of electrical signals in real time. For greater convenience, the scale of the displayed oscillogram can be changed.
The mode is ideal for analyzing the signal from the camshaft and crankshaft, CAN/LIN buses, and others. Use recording and playback of the signal for a detailed analysis.
It is designed for automatic detection of digital signals from CAN and LIN buses. When detected, the type and level of the signal "CAN-H", "CAN-L", "LIN" are displayed on the screen.
Pulse generator. The device generates negative polarity pulse signals with the duration of 150 ms on the probe needle. You can adjust the period of pulse delivery from 100 to 500 ms*.

Features and benefits
Thanks to a compact, ergonomic, and reliable plastic case of TS 100 v.2, you can hold it in both the right and left hand. The device's screen automatically adjusts to the specialist's hand. The device is as small as 130x26x18 mm (excluding the probe needle).
A bright monochrome OLED display. Information is perfectly readable under any lighting conditions or viewing angles and does not require any additional illumination.

When a positive potential is applied to the probe needle or when it is grounded, there occurs a sound and light indication.

Three multifunctional buttons make it easy to operate the device with a single hand.

Removable probe. Thanks to a threaded connection, the quick-detachable probe needle securely attaches to the tester and can be easily detached without the need for special tools.

A built-in 350mAh battery provides a long-lasting operation without the need for recharging. The battery level indicator shows when the device needs to be recharged. The battery can be charged via a standard microUSB port from a power bank, laptop, or a car cigarette lighter.
And no more worrying about batteries failing at the most critical moment!
Firmware update and configuration via microUSB.
You can update the device's firmware and adjust its features via a microUSB port by using our Author Flasher tool.
The device consumes 0mA when off. When idle, the device goes into the Power Saving mode. When off, the device goes into the Power Saving mode and its consumption is zero, so there is no need to worry about recharging it even if you have not used it for a long time.
The Flashlight feature has many settings. Installers often have to work in conditions where it is inconvenient to use a separate flashlight while good lighting of the workspace is one of the most important factors affecting the quality and speed of work.
The two LEDs built into TS 100 v.2 brightly and evenly illuminate the workspace rather than the space around it, allowing comfortable work even in the dimmest places of the car.
You can turn on the flashlight by tapping on its case twice (with your index finger, for example).

The device's operating time is flexibly adjustable*.

Left Hand mode. Almost every fifth inhabitant of our planet is left-handed. We took this into account, so the device can automatically change the orientation of the display image, depending on which hand you hold the tester in.
You can switch between the modes both automatically and manually.
Memory feature. It helps you remember the mode (VOLTAGE/OSCIL, or others) that was selected before turning off the tester, so that you can immediately return to it the next time you turn on the device. Convenient for those who constantly use the same tester mode in their work.
The Settings menu is used to adjust the volume and conditions for turning on the sound and light signal of the tester and the display.
Sleep mode. If the tester is not moving for 1 to 3 minutes (configurable), the device’s display turns off and the device goes into the Sleep mode to save the power. But if you take the tester in your hand, the device will turn on the display and return to the selected operating mode *. The current consumption in the Sleep mode is only 2mA.
Automatic shutdown. Even if you forget to turn off the device, it will automatically turn off as per a pre-set time period — from 1 to 5 hours*.
Reset user settings. You can reset the tester’s settings to default.

*Customization via Author Flasher, starting from Version 4.4