COMPASS helps you monitor your car’s location and control the IGLA anti-theft system and AUTOSTART module.

Control the device via the free Author Connect mobile app in your smartphone, and via SMS commands sent to the mobile number of the SIM card installed in the device.

Control the car’s location via GPS / GLONASS coordinates or cell towers (LBS).

The device supports two modes:
● Beacon — goes on the air and transmits location coordinates on schedule.
● Tracker — the device is always online.

When working jointly with the IGLA anti-theft system, it provides remote control of security zones and informs the owner with push notifications if they are triggered. It also blocks the engine remotely.

COMPASS communicates with other devices directly via the car's standard wiring — the CAN bus, which makes their operation stealthy and facilitates installation and configuration.

● Control via a handy mobile app.
● You can connect even more branded devices.
● Built-in GPS/GLONASS module.
● Two modes — beacon or tracker.
● Programmable analog outputs.

Prices very depending on your vehicle, an installer makes a choice of the right product basing on the car you have